Shooting rounds, handicaps and classifications

Gaining a handicap

Each archer has two handicaps for each bowsytle that they shoot, one for the indoor season and one for the outdoor season. Once an archer has an initial handicap, this is reassessed each time a new score is submitted.

To gain an initial handicap you will need to shoot three recognised rounds and submit your scores to the records officer, who will calculate your initial handicap. Thereafter, each time you shoot a round and submit a score your handicap will be checked and any improvement recorded. Submitting all your scores also helps to identify if you are improving and helps to identify archers who may not be performing as well as expected.

There are many reasons why an archer may not shoot to their handicap so don’t be worried if you have a bad score. If you are experiencing any difficulties with your handicap please speak to one of the club’s coaches.

The handicap scheme is administered by the club’s records officer.

High Elm Archers presents awards for the most improved handicaps at the end of each season. In addition, the most improved archer during the summer season wins the GNAS (Archery GB) improvement award.

Handicaps are only applied when shooting in a handicap tournament.

Club handicap tables are generally updated on a monthly basis and can be checked in the Scores and handicaps section of the members pages.


To qualify for a Classification, an archer must shoot at least three qualifying rounds in a season. Classifications take into account an archer’s age group, gender and bow style and provide a good indication of an archer’s ability. Classifications can only be gained during the outdoor season and they run as follows:

Classifications up to the level of Bowman or Junior Bowman can be achieved at club level. To progress to Master Bowman level and beyond, three scores must be obtained whilst shooting at Record Status Tournaments and submitted to Archery GB (GNAS) to claim the classification.

Qualifying scores to achieve a classification can be found in the Archery GB Shooting Administration Procedures document or by asking the Club Records Officer or Club Coach.

Please note: There is a small charge for Classification badges.

Shooting Rounds

A round is a target-shooting competitive event in which a specified number of arrows are shot at specified distances, and scored. There are many rounds varying in distance and numbers of arrows shot, for example the Warwick rounds shoot 4 dozen arrows over 2 distances while the York round requires the archer to shoot 12 dozen arrows over 3 distances. Click the button below to see a list of available rounds. If you’re not sure which rounds are suitable for you to shoot, have a chat with a club coach who will be able to help you.

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