HEA Management committee – roles

Club Chairperson

To chair all meetings of the club and coordinate activities to ensure an efficient and well managed club.


  • Chair the club AGM and present the club’s annual report
  • Chair club committee meetings and communicate with committee members
  • Represent the club at local and regional levels and attend external meetings, when required
  • Oversee the running and development of the club
  • Uphold the club constitution and Archery GB policies, rules, and codes of conduct and ensure the Club Committee Members are aware of these and understands the importance of them
  • Lead and motivate club members towards club development goals and objectives
  • Represent an unbiased viewpoint allowing free discussion to take place
  • Work with the Club Secretary to produce agendas
  • Take responsibility for the club’s safeguarding and disciplinary processes and work with the Club Welfare/Safeguarding Officer
  • Assist the Club to fulfil its responsibilities to safeguard children, young people and vulnerable adults
  • Always have safeguarding as an Agenda item
  • Follow sound recruitment procedures to assess the suitability of those working with
  • vulnerable members
  • Help others to understand their roles and responsibilities
  • Ensuring an understanding of the legal responsibilities of the club to which the Club complies

Club Secretary

To ensure that appropriate administrative support is provided to the Chairperson and club committee. To be the central point of club administration, handling all club correspondence, providing the link between the committee, members and outside agencies.

Additional tasks are included in the membership secretary’s role, if the club doesn’t have a Membership Secretary.


  • Being the first point of contact for club enquiries.
  • Administrator for the club, dealing with all club correspondence, distributing to relevant officers for response where required
  • Prepare and distribute the Committee meeting agendas
  • Take the Minutes of all Club Committee meetings and distribute copies
  • Carry out or delegate all of the administrative duties; enabling the club to run smoothly
  • Work alongside the treasurer to see that all documents are accurate and bills are paid on time
  • Ensure that all members have a copy of the club handbook, insurance details and officers contacts etc
  • Organise and book facilities and courses for the season
  • Organise and attend the club AGM and other club meetings
  • Produce Agendas for meetings
  • Communicating with the Club Welfare/Safeguarding Officer to ensure Enhanced DBS or SAA PVG background checks are carried out and updated for members of the Club working in regulated activity
  • Communicating with the Club Welfare/Safeguarding Officer to follow a sound recruitment process to ensure those working with vulnerable members are suitable


To manage the club’s accounts and finances.


  • Keep detailed written records of all accounts and make sure that the club operates within the annual budget
  • Attend the Committee meetings and AGM
  • Hold a bank account in the name of the club
  • Prepare annual balance and profit & loss sheets for AGM
  • Collecting subscriptions and all money due to the club
  • Keeping up to date records of all financial transactions
  • Ensuring that all cash and cheques are promptly deposited in the bank
  • Paying bills and recording information, ensuring that funds are spent properly
  • Issuing receipts for all money received and recording this information
  • Reporting regularly to the committee and at AGM on the club’s financial position
  • Preparing and arranging for year-end statement of accounts to be audited
  • Helping to prepare and submit any statutory documents that are required (e.g., VAT returns, PAYE and NI returns, grant aid reports)
  • Familiarise yourself with the Archery GB/Clubs Policies and Procedures and Codes of Conduct

Membership Secretary (To assist Treasurer / Secretary)

  • Co-Ordinate applications for Beginners Courses and new membership
  • Send out details to people who have completed and passed the beginners course with club details and costs to join.
  • When Treasurer confirms fees have been paid enter them onto Sport80 and send AGB invoice to Treasurer for payment, Treasurer will also pay County and Region affiliations
  • Maintain email list of current members
  • Distribute welcome/information pack to new members

Club Welfare/Safeguarding Officer

To manage and report concerns about children and vulnerable adults and putting into place procedures to safeguard children, young people and vulnerable adults in the club.

It is recommended for clubs to have a deputy for this role if it’s possible, to support each other due to the nature of the possible reports.


  • Be the club’s first point of contact for anyone where concerns about a child’s/young person’s or vulnerable adult’s welfare, poor practice, or abuse are identified
  • Be the first point of contact with the Archery GB Safeguarding Team ensuring Sport 80 is up to date
  • Represent welfare on the Club Committee, reporting safeguarding updates
  • Understand the Archery GB/Club Disciplinary Procedures and report to the Chairperson with disciplinary and safeguarding matters
  • Promote club’s best practice guidance and codes of conduct within the Club
  • Familiarise yourself with Archery GB’s safeguarding policies, guidance, and codes of conduct
  • Communicating with the Club Secretary to ensure Enhanced DBS or PVG background checks are carried out for those with regulated activity
  • Communicating with the Club Secretary to follow sound recruitment process to ensure those working with vulnerable members are suitable
  • Provide members with safeguarding and well being guidance including junior members and parents
  • Work with the club committee to ensure a positive child-centred club environment
  • Keep up to date with safeguarding training and continual professional development
  • Maintain contact details for local Children’s/Adults Social Services, Police and the Local Safeguarding Children Board
  • Ensure confidentiality is maintained

Tournament Organizer (Internal)

  • Produce the shooting programme for the year
  • Arrange medals and trophies for all internal shoots
  • Liaise with Records Officer for any competition information required
  • Collect trophies and keep a record of current trophy holders
  • Generate ideas for additional shoots / club competitions
  • Collect outside competition dates and information to send out to club members
  • Be responsible for badge sales for:
    • Classifications
    • 252 Challenge
    • Portsmouth
    • Frostbite
    • and Club Badges

Social Secretary

To co-ordinate and organize social events for the club.

  • Develop and implement a social calendar.
  • Regularly talk to members to ensure that social events reflect what they would like to do.
  • Liaise with the club junior representatives to ensure appropriate junior social events are organized.
  • Organize club social events or delegates the authority to do so to nominated members.
    • End of summer season social event and prize giving
    • End of winter season social event and prize giving
    • Christmas Meal
    • Any other social events as deemed appropriate (e.g. club trips)
  • Promote all social events.
  • Collect money as appropriate and works with the club Treasurer to ensure all receipts and
  • expenditures are recorded an operates to agreed budgets.

Junior Representative

To represent the junior (u18) members and gain feedback on the views and opinions of young people within the club.


  • To encourage junior members to become young volunteers for the club; training and giving them responsibilities to assist in coaching and club events.
  • Listen to young people, gaining feedback to help improve their experience at the club
  • Be the voice of the junior members at committee meetings, contributing from a young person’s perspective
  • Work with our Club Tournament Organizer to arrange club Fun Shoots and Junior Fun Days
  • Encourage young people to become volunteers or represent the club at tournaments
  • Co-ordinate young members to assist in club activities and events
  • Work with club coaches to develop junior focused coaching sessions

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