10 complete latest beginners course

Saturday 10th July 2021 was certificate day for the 10 trainee archers who completed HEA’s beginners course having attended all three Saturday sessions.

Beginning in the first session with an introduction to barebow archery (without sights) at 10 yards, the course attendees progressed in week two to using sights and then long rods, shooting at 20 yards.

In week three the trainees took part in an archery tournament, shooting three dozen arrows at 20 yards in the bowstyle of their choice – barebow or freestyle (with sights). The course attendees were split into three teams with the juniors as team captains.

After presentation of prizes and certificates, the new archers took part in the traditional burst-the-balloons free-for-all.

252 Challenge success

Two club members enjoyed success in May and June during this season’s first two 252 Challenge weeks. Both archers earned their badges for completing a 252 round (three dozen arrows at the archer’s chosen distance) by scoring more than the required amount for their bowstyles.

First to earn a badge was Ralph, shooting for the first full season with his compound bow. During the May 252 week, Ralph was successful at 60 yards, scoring more than the required 280.

The next badge-earner was Jim, shooting barebow. During June’s 252 Challenge week, Jim scored more than the required 189 barebow score at his chosen distance of 40 yards. Jim is pictured here in a particularly lighthearted moment during May, having managed to shoot through the pole of the target flag.

So, congratulations to our first 252 badge winners of 2021.

Socially distanced shooting resumes

Saturday 10th of April 2021 was the start of HEA’s eagerly anticipated outdoor season as club shooting resumed at Altcar under covid-safe conditions.

Targets were set up on the more open part of the range where the grass was shorter, but it was still long enough to require mowing along the shooting line.

With the four targets set at 30 metres, archers were able to shoot a 3-dozen round or simply practise their aim and shoot a load of holes in the wipe-clean target faces.

Due to the current restrictions, range capacity is necessarily limited with archers being required to book their shooting slots in advance. In all, 13 archers were able to shoot, split between two separate afternoon sessions.

Let’s hope the good weather holds so that more of our members get a chance to shoot.

Frostbite shoot goes ahead despite wet ground conditions

The annual Frostbite competition took place on Sunday 27th December 2020 at Altcar. It was so wet we had to shoot “the wrong way” on D range.

Fifteen brave souls turned up to shoot 3 dozen arrows barebow at 30m using indoor target faces.

As the use of the troop shelter was not allowed because of covid (hence no refreshments), it was back to the cars for Graham to add up the scores to determine the prizewinners.

Harry (on the right) took the silver medal and Jimmy took the bronze.

Paul (pictured centre) was the winner of the 2020 Frostbite shoot and took home the trophy.

It was good to get out shooting again after the enforced covid layoff.

First and only beginners of 2020

Saturday 25th January was the third week of HEA’s first beginners course of the year and certificate day for the 10 course attendees.

During the three Saturday sessions, the beginners were instructed in the basics of barebow and freestyle archery.

In the third session, the beginners had a go at shooting and scoring in competition when they took part in a team tournament for chocolate prizes.

After presentation of certificates, the trainee archers rounded off the session with the ever popular burst-the-balloons free-for-all.

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