We run a varied programme of club events throughout the year. See below for details.


Our summer programme includes Target and Clout archery, with archers shooting to improve their handicap and gain classifications. Regular summer events include:

252 Challenge shoots

Easter clout shoot

Sunburn Trophy tournament

End-of-season clout shoot

Club target shooting

It is during the outdoor season that our members can complete rounds to earn their classification badges.

For those members who enjoy collecting badges, our regular 252 Challenge shoots offer the opportunity for our archers to earn badges for proficiency at different distances.


Our winter programme sees us split our shooting between outdoors at Altcar and indoors at Formby High. Regular winter events include:

Portsmouth League

Bray 1 Handicap league

End-of-season combined Open and Handicap Portsmouth tournament

Halloween Fun Shoot

Frostbite Trophy Shoot / Christmas Fun Shoot

Our mid-winter Frostbite Trophy shoot is an outdoor event, weather permitting, but if bad weather prevents outdoor shooting the event moves indoors to become the Christmas Fun Shoot.

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