Summer programme

Target archery

Our outdoor range at Altcar allows our members to practise target archery at the full range of distances up to 100 yards for imperial rounds and up to 90 metres for metric rounds. Members shoot to gain classifications and improve their handicap.

Clout archery

Clout shoots allow members of all abilities to try a different kind of archery. Rather than aiming at target bosses, archers aim their arrows to land as near as possible to a peg or flag (‘clout’) set in the ground. A banded rope stretched out from the clout allows arrows to be scored. Regular clout shoots throughout the summer culminate in an end-of-season social and clout competition for the Ken Harris Clout trophy.

252 Challenge events

The 252 Challenge is a test of skill and technique where archers shoot 3 dozen arrows at their elected distance (the starting distance is 20 yards for juniors and 30 yards for seniors) with the objective of scoring 252 or more with a recurve bow. Allowances are given for other bowstyles with barebow archers requiring 189 and longbow archers 164. Compound archers must achieve a score of 280 to earn a badge.

Easter Clout shoot

This fun shoot adds a seasonal twist to a regular clout shoot as the clout is an Easter egg rather than a flag or peg. Although the banded rope is used for scoring arrows in the normal way, archers incur penalty points if they hit any of the chicks which surround the egg. Naturally, the prizes are chocolate eggs.

Sunburn Trophy shoot

The Sunburn Trophy shoot is a friendly club event which is usually shot using club bows without sights (barebow). Members aim at targets set at variable distances or combination of distances in competition for the Sunburn Trophy.

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